Pedestrian rally "Bruges Upside Town"+


Perfect+ Pedestrian rally "Bruges Upside Town"

Perfect+  Pedestrian rally “Bruges Upside Town”

Thrilling pedestrian rally in the city center of Bruges. Full of fun and surprises.

Bruges is made for walking, and that’s just what you’ll do. But not just any walking! You will experience the atmosphere, fun, and beauty of the old city, to which we add a playful heap of other extras in our pedestrian rally ‘Upside Town’.

In addition to following a route that covers the most important sites of interest, your team must also complete different photo and search tasks, questions, all in pleasing locations.

This mix of elements will leave everyone with a marvellous memory of a great day in one of Europe’s most scenic cities.

A bit of competition, a bit of fun, a lot of Bruges and getting to know each other better: it’s a recipe for top quality teambuilding or an incentive activity that can’t fail to give your company a real boost. Why not give it a try – and see for yourself!

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