Teambuilding in Ghent+


Perfect+ Teambuilding activities in Ghent

Teambuilding activities in Ghent are the speciality of Perfect+ Event Productions, known for years for top teambuilding concepts in various cities. Our wide range is taken care of down to the last detail for your company.

Unique city (re)discovery during the famous city game ‘Dé CityGame’ or exciting moments during the escape game ‘Dé EscapeGame’ are examples of unparalleled city game formulas which, by the way, are adaptable.

  • in terms of location from the starting point to the end point of your choice (city game, foot rally, bike rally, treasure hunt or at a fixed location for indoor team building and workshops)
  • in terms of group size
  • in terms of duration and timing.
  • whether it has to be interactive, playful and/or exciting, there is enough variety to suit everyone on your team. But noses in the same direction remains the essence, that’s what we sign up for! That is the least you can expect from the Perfect+ teambuilding formulas.

We guarantee more group dynamics and team spirit in your company after such an unapologetic yet open-minded teambuilding session brought to your team by us.

Our Teambuildings in Ghent

Going for it together with your team… Ghent is the ideal city for it. With our team events, you will experience wonderful and unforgettable moments with your colleagues or your chosen participants. Furthermore, our matchless team events are also:

  • personalised in line with your company philosophy, image and objectives. Yes, every team activity from our range!
  • more or less sporty, but always deployable for diverse groups, so ideal for various ages or physical conditions.
  • coronaproof !!! These are perfectly adjusted and adapted by us to meet the legal Covid-19 measures.
  • an unforgettable moment or day out, because with an absolute, surprising fun guarantee.

These teambuilding formulas are achievable for both:

  • large (up to 800 participants) and small groups
  • in various parts of the city
  • or even in the surrounding area, in the Latem region and the beautiful Leie region

A teambuilding in Ghent?

Ghent, the Artevelde city, is not unjustly counted among one of the most beautiful and convivial cities in Western Europe. A vibrant city full of life and opportunities, special attractions, cultural richness and with beautiful buildings and sites that showcase Ghent’s rich history.

This city at the confluence of Leie, Scheldt and Lieve has so many different aspects, sights and things-to-do that it begs to be (re)discovered.

With a teambuilding concept from Perfect+, you kill two birds with one stone. It doesn’t get any better than this. Experience this city to the full, have a good time and feel challenged, together with your colleagues. After all, optimising the atmosphere in your group (which will definitely rub off on the shop floor later) is Perfect+’s mission statement.

Or go for a team incentive, which is a kind of mixture of teambuilding light and rewarding your team, very useful in the context of, say, retention management (retaining your best workers).

In short, Perfect+ offers a wide range of teambuilding activities in town and country, sometimes around a specific Ghent theme such as “In Search of the Righteous Judges” (very accurate in the Jan Van Eyck year) or the detective game “Operation Save Ghent”.

Team building concepts in this dazzling city include a custom-designed itinerary with various top attractions and sights, such as there are: St Bavo’s Cathedral with its world-famous painting of the Mystic Lamb by Jan Van Eyck and nearby the Belfry with its proud dragon on top and St Nicholas’ Church in Scheldt Gothic style. A decidedly super landmark is of course the medieval Castle of the Counts. But also the Vrijdagmarkt with its Toreken, the City Hall, the modern market hall, the richly decorated Flemish Opera, St Peter’s Abbey, the beguinages in Ghent, the authentic charming Patershol, to name a few. After viewing Ghent’s three towers from St Michael’s Bridge, we can take you on a specially chartered boat trip on the beautiful, atmospheric canals. We depart on the incomparably beautiful Graslei and Korenlei, bursting with magnificent buildings that highlight Ghent’s historical richness.

Snack on the famous cuberdons (neuzekes) or local East Flemish specialities, do a brewery visit, go on the cultural tour with a visit to one of the fantastic museums on history, modern to ancient art, yes even graffiti art in the graffiti street is worthwhile.

There is simply too much to do to mention, and all this can be perfectly+ moulded into a unique one- or multi-day programme concept. So don’t hesitate to make it a company outing(s). We will be happy to put together an incentive programme, with perhaps a culinary or gastronomic moment as the icing on the cake at a unique location where you can do your own thing or let us take care of an unforgettable evening.

Consult us about the many possibilities for a unique company outing or teambuilding activity that is unparalleled. We offer you the guarantee of 28 years of experience and many hundreds of references from top companies with the highest customer satisfaction in our country. It will definitely be a positive experience that will resonate for a long time. Bonus: all backed up by us coronaproof, of course.

Go directly for a no-obligation enquiry. See below. We will make you a flexible proposal full of options which can then be further fine-tuned in consultation. This will ensure that your unique team event remains in line with your wishes, specific or otherwise. In short, the guarantee for an unforgettable teambuilding event.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.