Teambuilding + bike BikeGame+


Perfect+ Teambuilding + bike 'BikeGame'

We bring the colleagues in a casual, relaxed and slightly sporty way closer together. Boosting the team spirit, strengthening ties within the team, optimizing cooperation, etc. The ideal team building activity by bike, suitable for every heterogeneous group and, partly due to the unique game concept (cycling, stopping for a assignment, etc.), so feasible for all. The BikeGame offers an unprecedented combination of team building, cycling, mental challenges, togetherness, team spirit, fun and so much more.

Teams will be equipped with a quality bike (electric bikes are also an option), a bike GPS and a iPad for answering the questions, taking team photos and making funny videos. 

The route is still unknown at the time of departure and nobody has any idea what they will find on their way. Just discussing which route to follow, feet on the pedals and the teams are gone. They soon leave the city behind and cycle into the quiet and green environment of a Belgian city or region of their choice. Time and again we guarantee a discovery of what our beautiful country has to offer .

Below is an overview of some possible regions, but we also offer our BikeGame in and around Cadzand, Zeebrugge, Ostend, Diegem + Zaventem and the Hageland.

Our exciting BikeGames+

Some options :

  • Startup video made by the CEO, manager, team leader, etc.
  • Your chosen start and end point.
  • Duration of the activity of your choice.
  • User language or combination of languages ​​of your choice (NL-FR-EN).
  • Bonus questions and/or assignments, linked to the company, employees, etc.
  • A stop along the way at a local pub (drink, snack, etc.)
  • A prize for the winning team, a personalized memento for each participant, etc.
  • As you can see, the possibilities are almost unlimited.



Teambuilding + cycling during the BikeGame is already available in the Bruges + surroundingsOstend DammeAntwerp and Left BankGhent and the Lys RegionMechelen and the Dyle Region LeuvenKnokkeYpres  and Jodoigne/Geldenaken.

Team building + cycling = The BikeGame+

A well-known saying about cycling is ‘cycling is cheaper than a good psychiatrist’. A proverb that contains  a lot of wisdom : enjoying nature, clearing the head, loosening the muscles, sniffing healthy air, discovering new areas, ….

During our teambuilding cycling activity ‘The BikeGame’ we combine all these  pluses with everything one looks for in a teambuilding: promote collaboration, increase team spirit, catch up with colleagues, experience unforgettable moments together and create unique souvenirs. If desired, a light competition element will also be added.

Just like with our other teambuilding activities, we also use ‘The BikeGame’ 100% on personalization. The participants experience the team building cycling team event as having been created for them. Customization is our strength.

Progress of the BikeGame

  • We start with a general briefing about the team building activity and what is expected of the teams while they are cycling.
  • This is followed by the team distribution, everyone gets their quality bike (+ it is adjusted to the size of each participant).
  • Now each team gets an iPad, we mount the GPS on the steering wheel of the team navigator and follow safety instructions. Safety above all.
  • Then the teams set off on their interactive team building and discovery tour. First cross the city to experience an unforgettable teambuilding activity via low traffic roads, small streets and along winding streams. Throughout the BikeGame, the teams are guided openly in a high-tech way.
  • We end with a debriefing (and possibly prize giving) showing the photos and videos taken by the teams. The perfect way to end this memorable team building with cycling.
Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.