Active Teambuilding

Discover here our game concepts for an active team building where you all stay together in the same location. We will take you to the Wild West, search for the most universal team or take your team spirit to unprecedented heights.


Teambuilding Active

Your next team building can be active, yet suitable for a heterogeneous team with diverse interests? Then look no further. Regardless of which team challenge or team building you are looking for, we have the solution at Perfect+. Everyone on the team is sure to find the challenge they are looking for. From sporty to non-sporty, from thinker to doer. Something for everyone. Isn’t that what a true team building should include?

Just as a team consists of a mix of personalities and interests, our active team building concepts also consist of a nice variety of assignments, trials and challenges. We prove time and time again that team building can be active and yet suitable for everyone.

Our Active Teambuilding+

Team building active, the progression

  • Everyone meets at your chosen location (a park, the countryside, event venue, provincial estate, etc.). Optional snacks and/or drinks can already be provided.
  • During the briefing, our entertaining team building host(s) make everyone immediately warm and enthusiastic to fly in. The atmosphere will be there in no time.
  • The teams are split up, the instructions distributed and we get to work.
  • Each team member, without exception, actively experiences this team building according to his/her capabilities.
  • Using a pass-through system, the teams move around the site from challenge to challenge, sometimes against other teams and sometimes within the team. Communication, logical thinking, practical execution, consultation and respect for each other’s abilities are crucial capacities that the team must possess. This quickly becomes apparent.
  • Once the teams have completed all the challenges, we actively conclude the team building with a smooth debriefing and award ceremony, with a nice prize for the winning team.

No endless theories and philosophies on team building, but fun & games at the top. Because everyone is together on the same terrain or in the same indoor location, one experiences this team building actively and together. The team feeling also penetrates further under the skin. Having fun together and reconnecting. This is also part of both Once Upon a Team … in the West, Squadra Universale and the Heptathlon.

Actively experiencing team building together provides a boost in team spirit and brings colleagues closer together (again). A happy team is a productive team. If the team later faces a challenge, they will undoubtedly think back to what assignments they brought to a successful conclusion by working and consulting together.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.