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Perfect+ Teambuilding activities in Louvain

Team building in Leuven? Don’t hesitate. Do it! We can offer you an interactive city game, played in teams with iPads. Or an exciting escape game to rallies on foot, by bike, yes even a culinary workshop where you can prepare and taste local delicacies yourself. In fact, too much to mention and all in the beautiful setting of Leuven and its surroundings. See below.

We personalise and create your teambuilding tailored to your group. We offer great flexibility in terms of timing, location of the team event or the start and end location of your teambuilding activity, group size, and so much more.

The student and beer city of Leuven is a perfect place for an unparalleled team building event. You will get some real Perfect+ guarantees on top as there are:

  • Everything is achievable for any composite group, meaning each team activity is suitable for all physical conditions and ages.
  • High levels of fun and experience make it a top moment or we make it an unforgettable day (days?) out.

Benefit from 28 years of experience and impeccable customer satisfaction. Leuven expects your team.

Our Team buildings in Louvain

A teambuilding in Leuven?

It’s busy in Leuven, according to a song of the Belgian band Noordkaap. Well, that depends. A pleasant bustle, that is, namely that of a bustling university town. But this (also) art city has quite a lot to offer, besides fun with the biggest bar in Belgium and a certain ambiance, even silence. Combined with a teambuilding activity from Perfect+, you can give your team, squad, squadron, group, staff, colleagues or whatever you want to call it, an unforgettable (half) day

Perfect+ makes a customized sportive or less sportive activity for your group, combining the (re)discovery of a quirky, historical city with dazzling, cool and interactive game concepts such as the CityGame or the EscapeGame.

The result? Unforgettable moments, a sharpened team spirit and a togetherness experience that breaks the routine of the workplace and allows your team members to see each other differently and get to know each other better by getting out of their comfort zone.

Of course, architectural buildings, attractions and various sights are integrated into the walking and cycling tours, rallies and our successful city games. Just think of the High-Brabants Gothic town hall and St Peter’s Church, the university library, the Great and Small Beguinage, the many streets with terraces and “the longest bar in the world”, i.e. the Old Market, begging for a Leuven beer. Or prefer the peace and quiet of the Beguinage or St Donatus Park? It’s all in there.

Either way, Perfect+ cobbles together a flawless team event for you. This can be combined with sneak previews, a joint drink or a nice dinner in a typical resto-café or even a brewery. The experience value for your team makes it a kind of team incentive, combining team building and a rewarding incentive. Noses together in the same direction, facing challenges in a pleasant, enjoyable way or also an indoor activity where a teambuilding activity or workshop is brought to a successful conclusion constructively together.

This always takes into account your specific wishes and condition, group size, preferred timing, where you want the activity to take place, start and/or end.

What prevents you from quickly asking Perfect+ for a no-obligation quote, which we will then polish completely to your requirements. Contact us today!

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.