Musical team building

In the words of The New Radicals, “You’ve got the music in you” Or rather that of Kiki Dee: “I’ve got the music in me”. No worries … we bring it out with the beautiful variety of matchless team building concepts within Perfect+’s newest team building segment.

  • Musical team building is … taking you casually out of your comfort zone.
  • Musical team building brings …out the out of the box thinking.
  • Musical team building creates … an unseen sense of togetherness.
  • Musical team building represents … an unprecedented boost in team spirit.

You’ve got the Music in You

In this team building event, the team participates in 3 different music workshops. Singing together, doing body percussion and having the boom whackers follow. Coordination, teamwork and feeling. This musical team building requires it all from its participants. The ultimate goal: working towards the apotheosis where everyone together performs an unforgettable cover of a well-known hit. This extraordinary musical team building program embraces the following 3 keywords: reconnect, diversity and teamwork.


A karaoke-inspired team building or quiz concept. Our show host invites teams to participate in different sing-a-long rounds, such as “stop the band,” “guess the intro,” “the applause meter,” etc. Each time, 2 teams compete against each other. The show host and DJ make sure everyone participates. The karaoke and concept create a top notch atmosphere, incredible fun and hilarity.

Please don’t Stop the Music

Our music quiz takes you on a virtual journey through the different decades of popular music. Starting with the 60’s and 70’s, along the 80’s and 90’s and ending in the Nillies and the Teens. Disco, rock, R&B, techno, swing, jazz …. All popular music styles pass in review as a thread through the questions, fun photo and hilarious video assignments. Something for everyone.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.