Teambuilding Ostend


Perfect+ Teambuilding activities in Ostend

Teambuilding activities in Ostend are irresistible. Not only because of the fresh sea air, the beach, the port, the coastal and holiday feeling, but especially because of the many possibilities to experience a super-successful team event.

A wonderful half-day or full-day trip gives you the chance to (re)discover the ‘City by the Sea’ and at the same time sharpen your team spirit. A teambuilding in Ostend is the best way to optimise togetherness, get to know each other better and get your ideas across.

Moreover, Perfect+’s team events are extremely popular and highly appreciated because of our extreme efforts to customise your teambuilding in such a way that they are perfectly tailored to your team.

After all, Perfect+ team events are very flexible

  • In terms of group size
  • In terms of timing of the activity, start and end duration
  • In terms of the exact location of your teambuilding activity or in terms of starting and finishing location for cycling or walking tours, rallies, an escape game or city game. So it is for every teambuilding format from Perfect+.

Our Teambuildings in Ostend

Some of the essential assets we offer for an unforgettable team building event include:

  • Coronaproof guarantee! Indeed, we take into account all anti-coronacrisis measures and adapted our programmes accordingly.
  • The teambuilding activities are suitable for any heterogeneous group, so physical fitness or age cannot be an obstacle.
  • The high fun content and a strong experience level create unforgettable top moments that your team will be able to talk about for a long time.


The various teambuilding programmes and formulas for an unparalleled team event in Ostend are definitely worth a quick look (see below). Besides beach activities, we would also like to highlight our CityGame and the EscapeGame. Because Ostend itself is also full of stories and surprises. These exciting game concepts, are greatly appreciated by every audience and offer the best of all worlds.

Now go and choose quickly which Perfect+ teambuilding activity most appeals to you in terms of formula and just ask for a no-obligation quote. We can fine-tune it to your perfect team event.

A teambuilding in Oostende?

Ostend is of course known as the City by the Sea. So there is plenty of choice to combine beach, water fun and sports, beach ambience or city discovery, culinary local specialities, etc…. Indeed, the experience and uniqueness of a city is chiselled into all the concepts of our various teambuilding activities. That is why they also leave an unforgettable impression.

There is so much to see and do in Ostend… Fort Napoleon for example, what a location! And during city games and rallies you will definitely pass the following attractions: the North Sea Aquarium, the Vistrap, the Mercator ship, Mu.ZEE for culture lovers and of course the Casino Kursaal, which dominates the coastline. Then there is the cosy Arms Square, the Leopold Park with its flower clock and the James Ensor Gallery. By the way, there is a lot to do and visit around the famous painter Ensor. Perfect+ has even created a real detective game around it, namely ‘The Lost Deadly Sins’ (a work by Ensor). There is also plenty to do around the Atlantic Wall and the Raversijde domain.

The city itself and the added value of Perfect+ Event Productions thus offer a cocktail of elements that together contribute to a (half) day to remember. Add to that a concluding debriefing with a prize-giving ceremony during a drinks reception or a great dressed-up lunch or dinner, and the day will be endless.

Having fun and tackling challenges together, competitive or not, leads to fundamental and ideal teambuilding activities. Take our city game ‘the Ostend CityGame’; this is simply a surprising game concept in which your participants have to complete various fun assignments using an iPad to (re)discover Ostend and its surroundings by bike or on foot, while at the same time sharpening your employees’ team spirit.

Perfect+ thus guarantees a teambuilding activity or event tailored to your team with a flexible timetable and choice of location.

In short, go as the weather light your light with us or ask us about a team event with personalised options and possibilities. Perhaps the smartest thing to do is to ask us directly for a no-obligation quote. This can then still be polished to your own perfect teambuilding activity. See you soon in Ostend!

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.