VR EscapeGames

Unleash the ultimate team spirit with our VR EscapeGames.

Embark on a search for a unique and unforgettable teambuilding activity. Explore the boundaries of reality and teamwork with VR EscapeGame! In these immersive virtual adventures, your employees are faced with challenging puzzles and mysteries to solve together for about 1.5 hours. A super fun mix between real-live and Virtual Reality.

Consultation and communication are the key to success. By communicating effectively and leveraging each other’s strengths, your teams will work their way to victory. Our VR EscapeGames encourage teamwork and cooperation, improve communication and problem-solving skills, create a unique and memorable team-building experience and are suitable for teams of all levels and interests.

VR EscapeGame Hotel Homicide

You are warmly welcomed into a warm and welcoming environment, but the atmosphere suddenly turns when it appears that a crime has been committed! A shocking murder … and the questions pile up: who is the culprit and how could this happen? In the VR Murder Game, you will be challenged to work together to solve this gruesome crime. Investigate and answer essential questions such as where the murder took place, what the motive is and what weapon was used. With VR goggles on your heads and various props at your disposal, you dive into the virtual world to find the puzzle pieces and unravel the mystery of the murder.

VR EscapeGame La Casa de Papel

Have you ever fantasised about the exciting idea of robbing a bank and getting away with millions of euros? That dream can now become a reality! Together with your colleagues, you can experience the thrill of performing an exciting heist. Inspired by the popular series La Casa de Papel, this VR EscapeGame takes you on an adventure in which you will rob the Spanish Central Bank building. Knowledge of the series is not required … it’s your skills as bank robbers that make the difference here!

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.