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Perfect+ Escape game Antwerp

See the metropolitan Antwerp as you’ve never experienced it before with your colleagues, team, etc. thanks to our unique and unprecedented EscapeGame.

Instead of being locked up for an hour, you will cross the city in an exciting adventure. Use the iPad and the briefcase in the right way, and see the cash rolling in. Use them the wrong way, and the only option left is to escape as fast as possible.

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Our Teambuildings in Antwerp

A few more pluses of this exciting escape game Antwerp:

  • 100% coronaproof and a #socialdistancing guarantee
  • Perfectly suited for heterogeneous groups. Everyone finds his/her liking regardless of interests, capacities, age, possibilities, ….
  • Adapting concept within a certain theme = is a challenge for us. Customization is our passion, creativity is our soul.

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Exciting escape game in Antwerp

Antwerp, the city of Brabo, the city of the Sinjoren. A beautiful metropolis with so many different faces. From the quiet South, to the historic city center around the Grote Markt and the lively station area, to the lively and trendy Eilandje. Moreover, all this is within achievable walking distance of each other. A unique fact.

During the exciting escape game Antwerp, the teams roam around the city. They pass must-sees such as the Grote Markt with the Renaissance town hall, Brabo, the Groenplaats and the impressive cathedral, but also idyllic squares such as the Conscienceplein and so much more. However, the city plays second fiddle in the EscapeGame Antwerp. The first violin in this exciting team outing in Antwerp is reserved for the unique teambuilding concept full of riddles, enigmas, brain teasers, photo assignments, tension, ….

Below are some examples that we have already developed at the request of our customers.

  • EscapeGame of Thrones.
  • EscapeGame in the cycling theme in Oudenaarde.
  • EscapeGame in the form of a dropping.


As you can see, we are happy to develop a tailor-made escape game within the theme of your choice. Once this is ready, the participants are presented with a unique concept created especially for them. A one-of-a-kind, exclusive team outing in Antwerp in other words.

This unseen concept can provide the perfect setting for your next team outing. We guarantee a rising team spirit and a top morale with colleagues/employees afterwards. So ask now quick here your free escape game proposal and you will receive a first quote within 24 hours, fully customizable.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.