Pedestrian rally "Antwerp Upside Town"+


Perfect+ Pedestrian Rally "Antwerp Upside Town"

Captivating pedestrian rally in the city center of Antwerp. Full of fun and surprises.

You have everything you need: a charming city centre, shopping, fashion, historical buildings and pleasant outdoor cafés. Put them in a blender, mix them together and add a generous dash of game fun.

Yes, ‘Antwerp Upside Town’ is the city game that has it all. Playful situations, crazy team photo assignments, surprises and fun, and all while you enjoy the delights of the city. That’s real added value. Fun, fun and more fun!

Why not try it as part of your teambuilding programme or as a company day-out. We guarantee an unforgettable experience. The pedestrian rally can be adjusted to meet your specific wishes (time, duration, number of participants, locations, etc.).


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Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.