Murdergame in Ostend+


Perfect+ Detective game in Ostend

Ensor plays the leading part in this thrilling detective game full of mysteries and secrets!

Ostend was the home of the famous painter James Ensor for years. He created a lot of masterpieces in this town, inspired by the queen of Balearic cities.

One of his most famous masterpieces has been stolen: “The Seven Deadly Sins”. A disaster threatens Ostend, because these were stolen by a shady mafia boss, who was killed a few days ago.

While snooping around on the cozy embankment, the Mercator, the Venetian galleries, etc. the participants have to unravel this terrible crime and give back the original etchings to the city of Ostend.

An activity full of tension, interweaved with elements of Ostend.

Suited as teambuilding, incentive or pure for pleasure.

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