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Perfect+ Antwerp "The Secret of Lange Wapper"

Lange Wapper is very present during this thematic city game! Show your talents and have fun! Who’ll expose his secret first?

“That I was a goblin, a devil, a misty appearance, a local ghost… but gone? No. I’m here. Still. And nobody knows my secret. I tricked out many penny pinchers from their money and that lies, now I keep low cover and stay hidden from al the modern technologies, very well hidden in the city of Antwerp.

So, outcasts of the earth, if you can find this treasury, my great secret, distribute it to the weak and less fortunate people of this society and proof that Wapper wasn’t so evil at all. So be it, I’ve spoken”.

Armed with a medieval map and a mobile phone, the teams have to move into alleys, caves, small streets, etc. of the inner city. Via text messages, driven by our own app, they can wire pieces of the puzzles that Wapper left behind thus discovering bit by bit the Secret of Lange Wapper.

Ideal as team building, trip, game incentive, alternative discovery of the town, etc. Because… just spread the word, Lange Wapper is still alive!

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