Online teambuilding+

In the difficult times of lockdowns, quarantine, etc. it was not evident to keep up the morale of your staff.  Everyone missed daily interaction with the colleagues. The social aspect of this period should not be underestimated. This is why Perfect+ launched a set of online, virtual and remote team building programs to grow the team spirit and boost morale!

Online Teambuilding


A pandemic breaks out and a global lockdown threatens. At that very moment, you are abroad. The message is to get home before the lockdown sets in. The journey, however, is not easy.
Circumventing customs, solving mysteries, cracking codes, getting flight numbers, deciphering enigmas, …. Stay calm and complete the challenges on time, that’s all we ask of you… or is it?
Just call it virtual, digital teambuilding.


Are you ready to face the climate issues or do you just want to raise the climate awareness of your colleagues? 
The digital version of our brand new ClimateGame is the ideal means to achieve your own ‘climate goals’ during an online team event.

We offer you and your team an extraordinary interactive mix of team learning, fun and team spirit.  

A unique eco-teamevent. 


In the online teambuilding game ‘Travel the Continents’ you will set off on a digital world tour and get to know all the continents along the way, and of course your colleagues. The goal of the game is simple … To score as many points as possible during your journey!

Together, as a team, you will make a unique journey around the world. Task after task, challenge after challenge, the teams get closer to the end of their world trip … hopefully with as many points as possible.


In the online teambuilding quiz ‘Please don’t stop the music’, you and your colleagues will be tested on your knowledge of music. And be sure: ‘You’ve got the music in you’.

Are you a specialist of the 60s and 70s, are the eighties and nineties your thing or are you a connoisseur of the nillies? Stroll around the festival meadow and decide with your team members which performances you want to attend. Will it be disco, rock, R&B or will it be techno first? Everything is possible.


“We were looking for an alternative to our ‘live’ team building. We were a bit hesitant to do this online, but what fun we had! The riddles, active assignments, some under time pressure, … made communication and cooperation important and that is what we were looking for. Time flew by 🙂 As a group with non-native speakers, it was definitely an added value that the activity was also offered in English! Looking for a fun activity with interaction, team spirit, lots of fun, … Then this company is a must! The preparation, explanation, guidance before and during the game are definitely also an added value!” (Sanofi)

It looks like teleworking will still be the norm and it will not yet be possible to organise another live team event. Don’t worry though, because we have the solution for you: surprise your team with one of our top online teambuilding concepts, 100% corona proof. As close as it gets to the real thing. Call it online teambuilding, digital teambuilding or even virtual teambuilding… We have it for you. 

On this page, you’ll find lots of digital teambuilding ideas, online teambuilding games for Belgium, but also far beyond. A digital or online teambuilding quiz. Many companies have already booked digital teambuilding activities with us, each time with a 5* review as a result. 

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.