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Perfect+ Teambuilding activities in Mechelen

Teambuilding activities in Mechelen, Perfect+ has a very wide range of them. We have worked out various fun formats for you, from interactive city games (with iPads), over foot and bike rallies to culinary walks and indoor teambuilding workshops. On top of that, Mechelen is a beautiful, lively city that has managed to preserve its authentic atmosphere over the years. Ideal to experience one of our teambuilding events from our rich arsenal.

You immediately get some genuine Perfect+ guarantees on top:

  • Our formulas have been coronaproof modified! Measures to combat this COVID-19 are thus meticulously taken into account.
  • The high level of fun and experience makes it a top moment, full of unforgettable memories.
  • In addition, everything is feasible for every diversely composed group, which means in short that every team activity is suitable for every age, all interest groups and every physical condition.

Our Teambuilding in Mechelen

Furthermore, we personalise and create your teambuilding tailored to your participants.
This involves great flexibility in terms of:

  • Location of the team event or the start and finish of your team building in Mechelen
  • Timing
  • Group size

As mentioned, Mechelen is a perfect city for an unparalleled team building event.

  • On foot
  • By bike
  • By boat on the Dyle
  • And more various fun means of transport of your choice


A foretaste? Will you choose a really fun game concept such as the interactive CityGame or rather the exciting EscapeGame, teambuilding in and around the city during our foot or bike rally, a culinary workshop where you can prepare and taste local delicacies yourself or rather an indoor do-it-yourself team event? There is actually too much choice to mention. And especially take a look below.

One thing is certain: with our teambuilding formulas, your whole team will experience an exciting, enjoyable and instructive teambuilding day(s)! Benefit from impeccable customer satisfaction thanks to 28 years of experience. Mechelen and Perfect+ invite your team. Contact us soon!

A teambuilding in Mechelen?

Mechelen has a pleasant bustle, ideal for a relaxing group activity. But this bustling art city has quite a lot to offer on its own. We then add a scoop of fun and group-enriching team spirit. It doesn’t get any more ideal than this.

So in combination with a teambuilding event by Perfect+, you can give your team of colleagues an unforgettable (before or after) day.

We create a sportive or less sportive activity perfectly tailored to your group, combining the (re)discovery of a beautiful and pleasant historical city with dazzling, atmospheric and interactive game formulas such as the CityGame or the EscapeGame.

The goal is to experience unforgettable moments together, leading to a sharpened team spirit that breaks through the drudgery of the workplace and allows your team members to get to know each other better. By having to get out of their comfort zone, in a different place, in a different context, they learn to look at their colleagues in a different way.

Of course, our foot and bike tours, rallies and successful city games include local masterful architectural structures and monuments, attractions and various landmarks. Let us mention a few. The Grote Markt with its unique town hall and the all-important Sint-Romboutskathedraal, of course, the Brusselse Poort, the sympathetic IJzerenleen and Vismarkt, brewery Het Anker, the wonderfully peaceful, green Vrijbroek Park, the Lamotsite, the Beguinages, and various cosy little streets and squares.

Leaving Mechelen’s city centre for a while and discovering picturesque villages such as Battel, Leest, Heffen and the Zennegat along the winding Dijle is also perfectly possible during our teambuilding BikeGame and bike rally.

Enough ingredients to create a flawless team event for you. Combinable with sneak previews, a drink together or a nice dinner in a typical restaurant or even a brewery.

We always take into account any special wishes and desires you might have. Furthermore, group size is no obstacle, your preferred timing is flexible, as is where you want the activity to take place or where the start and/or finish of your team event should be.

The experience value for your team makes it a kind of team incentive, which is the combination of team building and a form of reward. Facing challenges together in a dazzling and enjoyable way or bringing a teambuilding activity or workshop to a successful conclusion in a constructive manner via an indoor activity, that will signify an enriched and more enthusiastic commitment to the company afterwards.

There is nothing to stop you asking us for an offer right away. We will then grind and polish it completely to size for your ideal teambuilding activity. Contact us today!

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.