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The office buzzes with excitement as the announcement of the upcoming Olympia (Office Olympics) spreads like wildfire.

It is not just a team building with the colleagues. It is a day of challenges, teamwork and euphoria. Colleagues start speculating early on about which discipline will suit them best, while others start forging their strategie

It all starts with the preparations. Teams are formed, each co-worker at their own level and with their own skills. Some see it as an opportunity to shine, others see it as a day full of laughter and fun. But one thing is certain: everyone is determined to put their best foot forward.

The atmosphere in the office is lighter than usual. Colleagues get together to brainstorm tactics, encourage each other and share their enthusiasm. There is a sense of belonging that floats through the corridors, a sense of connection that comes from sharing this unique event.

As the Olympia (Office Olympics) approaches, the tension is mounting.

Participants feel the jitters of anticipation in their bellies as they prepare for the challenges ahead. It is a mix of excitement and nervousness, a feeling only heightened by the knowledge that they will live this adventure together, as a close-knit team

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The Olympia (Office Olympics) start.

Teams gather, ready to battle it out in the seven disciplines ahead. The sound of excited voices fills the air, mixed with the clanging of kubbs and the swishing of arrows in the air.

The relay runners stand ready, their muscles tense with anticipation as they wait for the start signal. The football pitches are a sea of movement, with teams giving their all in their mini matches on the artificial turf. On the kubbs pitch, strategy is mixed with sheer determination, each team determined to outsmart the opposition.

Archery is a sight to behold, with archers concentrating on their targets, their faces a look of intense focus. Meanwhile, in the table tennis arena, the ball is hit back and forth with incredible speed, while technical skill is the key to victory.

Outside, on the field for the shot put, limits are pushed and personal records are broken as participants give everything they have. And then there is the breakdance competition, where creativity and agility come together in an explosion of energy and enthusiasm.

Each discipline is a challenge in itself.

But each team goes at it wholeheartedly, driven by the will to win and the joy of being together in this unforgettable experience. The 7 disciplines of the Hepthathlon are formatted so that everyone can participate and each plays to his/her strengths. Relay running + fast walking, 5×5 football, Olympic cubing, archery, table tennis, shot put and break dance. 

Triumph and Togetherness.

After a day of intense competition and excitement, comes the moment of truth. As the final scores are counted and the winners announced, the tension rises to a peak. But regardless of the outcome, there is a sense of triumph floating through the office.

For some, it is the medals and trophies they take home that make victory sweet. For others, it is the knowledge that they have given their best, surpassed themselves and reached new heights. But for all of them, it is the bond they forged with their colleagues, the memories they shared and the joy of being together in this unique adventure that makes the day truly unforgettable.

After the final congratulations and high-fives, the office slowly returned to business as usual.

But in the hearts and minds of the participants, the memory of the Olympia Office Olympics will always live on. This as a symbol of teamwork, determination and the power of community. And who knows, maybe the spirit of competition and camaraderie will inspire them to take on even more challenges, both at work and beyond.

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