Pedestrian rally "Mechelen Upside Town"+


Perfect+ Pedestrian rally "Mechelen Upside Town"

Thrilling pedestrian rally in the city center of Mechelen. Full of fun and surprises.

A game full of fun and culture; a great way to discover the city and learn more about your fellow players. That is a short description of the pedestrian rally in Mechelen.

Armed with a rally book containing questions, practical assignments and photo tasks (digital camera included), the teams roam through the city of the ‘Maneblussers’. They will visit all its main sights, such as Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral, the delightful fish market, the Lamot site (a fine example of city modernization) and other beautiful squares, parks and streets.

The perfect playful city exploration, packed with pure fun. For 10 to 400 persons – suitable for teambuilding, incentives or just for fun. 

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Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.