Interactive games

You can also rely on us for unique and inimitable interactive games. The perfect base for your next team building, both live and online. In all modesty and with 15 years of experience, we can undoubtedly call ourselves one of the Belgian specialists in the field of interactive games.


Interactive Games

Our interactive games are all app-based concepts and real chameleons that adapt, regardless of what goal or approach our customers are looking for.

We offer these as live team building concepts and as online team building concepts. Of course always with a high fun teambuilding factor, unless otherwise necessary.

Some Examples:

  • Live interactive games: city discovery (CityGame), escape room (EscapeGame), light sports by bike (BikeGame), eco-teambuilding (ClimateGame), sporty/active teambuilding (OutdoorGame), etc.
  • Online interactive games: virtual world trip (Travel the Continents), online escape room (Escape from Lockdown), online eco team building (ClimateGame), virtual music quiz (Please don’t Stop the Music), etc.

We also enjoy developing custom interactive games. Opening a new office and/or having it discovered interactively, a culinary discovery tour, a drop, set up a quiz around a colleague who is retiring, …. The possibilities of our interactive games are almost endless.

During the entire interactive game, the participants are sucked into the concept in a fantastic, unforgettable and high-tech way. The participants play on a 5G iPad (live interactive games) supplied by us or on their own smartphone (online interactive games), regardless of whether this is iOS or Android controlled.

Moreover, nobody should be ‘frightened’ by the technology, because it is designed in such a way that learning goes very quickly. Our experienced game hosts always start with a quick and clear briefing after which you get to work. During the entire interactive game, the game host also remains present/available for additional explanations, questions, etc.

Room for concepts

Since the launch of our first interactive game in 2006 in Bruges, the interactive games virus has spread very quickly throughout Belgium and even abroad. Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia, you name it – we have it. This not only in the city centers, but also in forests, Provincial Domains, villages, ….

The world of technology does not stand still and of course a lot has changed in this area. Here at Perfect+ we make it a point of honor to keep up with what is possible/allowed in technology in all areas. New devices, tracking, location based questions, riddles/enigmas, VR, augmented reality, … you name it.

What makes our interactive games such strong team building concepts, both live and online:

  • Everyone is challenged in the way he/she wants: intellectually, sportingly, etc.
  • Achievable for everyone, regardless of his/her physical capabilities.
  • Playing our interactive games creates experience, tension, involvement and so much more.
  • Our interactive games trigger logical thinking, collaboration, inventiveness and strategic insight of the participants.

Our exciting Interactive Games+

We also don't lose sight of the Covid Safe fact in our interactive games. Both live (social distancing, adapted concept, disinfection of all material, possibility to follow on your own devices, bubble proof concepts, etc.), and online (from home in your own safe environment) everything goes like this. Covid proof if possible.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.