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Perfect+ Corporate events

Perfect+ Corporate events

A corporate event is a great way to get your message across and ensure a memorable time for your guests. Perfect+ Event Productions DMC makes sure that your meetings, incentives, conferences and corporate events (MICE) are a real success. We’ll add that “plus” you need!

We offer you almost anything from dinner parties to outdoor activities. You can choose out of a wide range of theme events, formats and shows or have a completely tailor-made event. The list of options is endless, so feel free to contact us to talk about the most suitable solution for your company.

Full service in Dutch, French and English. A lot more information about corporate events can be found here. Let us inspire you!

It is indeed not obvious. Organizing a company party? A staff party? Dealer meeting? Product launch? Open day? Company anniversary? Team building activity? incentive? Corporate event? But tell me. Why waste time and energy? Having headaches and all kinds of worries about “experimenting” it together yourself. Leave the organization to a professional.

And contrary to what you think, you will save a lot of money on drinks because an experienced event agency knows exactly what budget to use and how to get the most out of a budget; because they simply make better price agreements with the right and experienced suppliers.

That is what Perfect+ Event Productions has been doing for 28 years. With success and unparalleled customer appreciation. Some examples, picked from 28 years of Perfect+:

  • Staff parties: 8 x Opel Belgium/General Motors, 5 x Telenet, 2 x Artes, 7 x DHL
  • Dealer meeting/ incentive: Toyota Germany, TIO, BDO, Veolia, KIXX
  • Product launch/ kick-off: Pierre Fabre, Energetic Lighting, Atlas Copco
  • Opening company(building): DHL, Mortier, Philips, Energetic Lighting
  • Open House: Philips, Schering Plow, DuPont
  • Business Merging: Baloise, Marine Harvest Pieters, Luminus
  • Team away day: 10 x European Commission, Ingenium, Coca-Cola, Fluvius, Van Laere
  • Company Anniversary: Marelec, Electro Test, Tremec
  • Corporate Event/ meetcentive: PernodRicard, ZTE, DHL, Siemens Industry Software

Some possibilities for Corporate Parties

Corporate Events

“Aha, the professional party builders!” that is usually the reaction when someone learns that our company Perfect+ is an event agency. Events? Indeed: open days, the inauguration of a new factory, a conference, an incentive, a company anniversary, a staff party, the launch of a new product… these are all “corporate events”.

What does it mean to organize a company party? Well, the event industry has evolved a lot. Nowadays we talk about event communication, below-the-line activities that contribute to the marketing mix, the need for relationship marketing, live communication, things like that… In plain language this means that an event is never without obligation. Usually companies start an event from the wrong angle. Simple example. As a good Fleming, we start with what should be the last thing, namely “What shall we serve at the reception?”

As consultants, we like to first look at a company’s profile. After we have immersed ourselves in the products, structure and corporate culture of a company, we look for the right angle. If a company e.g. If it exists 25 years, this is the opportunity to send a message to customers, prospects and relations in a pleasant way: what does the company do and where does it want to go in the future? And that in a haunting, whether or not astonishing way. Something that no mailing, newsletter, meeting or other introduction can achieve. In a festive way and with the right infotaining support, one event can mean much more than other forms of communication in many previous years.

We have already indicated the first most important element. An agency that produces events is first and foremost a partner specialist who acts as a consultant. We think along with you. We only wish to make a proposal, without obligation. What you do with it is up to you. But the basic concept or idea can always be refined and fine-tuned.

So that’s the first thing: consultancy. We are already somewhat better known for the second aspect. We are indeed “the creative guys”, the people with ideas. And let’s face it, isn’t a good idea always the basis of success? With us, everything starts with a good concept. John Lennon once said, “God is a concept”. I would dare turn it around. “A concept is God”. Indeed, after a bath in the corporate culture, we will use all the data to brew a concept around which an event is built. As architects, we put your message in the picture in a cool way. A unique opportunity!

And as soon as the frame is finished, we will give shape to the event – ​​always in consultation with the company. What is necessary, what is not, where are the priorities, what are the budget constraints that must be respected, etc…. For example, an event agency creates a special meeting “tailor-made”, “à la carte”, “tailor made” and we then mold it into an unforgettable event, a company party in which the message is passed on subtly and under the skin, but very strong and efficiently.

And here we come to the third part. Producers are performers. It would be a problem if the realization is not finished professionally. And that is the “métier”, each his own profession.
“Has the orchestra arrived yet?”, “Where are the hostesses”, “How do we solve this unexpected problem?”…that is a concern for us. The host and hostess must be able to devote themselves carefree to their only important task: to have time and attention for their guests.

An event with (a large) audience is much more than the sum of the suppliers: some food & beverage, a stage, sound and light, perhaps a video projection, the reception, the hall, etc.… The sum of all those elements is still no guarantee for a successful company party or event. The coordination of all components and activities, via a script and a strict direction, imperceptibly, behind the scenes, that will lift an event to an added value, that will have an effect, and that requires professionals who know the ropes.

But is such an events agency not expensive, I can already see you thinking. Strangely enough…  Companies sometimes spend fortunes on external consultants for anything and everything and yet some firms are inclined to organize themselves when an event is imminent. An executive or a secretary is urged to call around, a caterer is summoned, a room rented, etc… Everything seems to be in order, but on the evening itself everything goes wrong. The executive or secretary is completely upset, and instead of unconcernedly receiving the guests, the management takes matters into their own hands and starts crisis management. But then it is of course too late. And the chance to make an “impressive” impression is gone. Worse, the company took a bad turn.

And can you blame the secretary or the executive for this? A company pays its employees to do what they are good at, not to do things they have never done before. That’s called “experimentation”.

As a result, we dare to say that an event agency can, on the contrary, save money. Thanks to our experience, know-how and good relationships with various suppliers, we obtain the closest prices within the set budget, and we know the best with their strengths and weaknesses. We will announce our fee and all parts of the budget of the event can be discussed in an open relationship. You will never have had such a clear view on expenses and benefits, on real quality and value for money.

Perfect+ is a service bureau that has been producing high-profile special events for 28 years now.

Smaller events or the supply of parts or the mere input of direction or coordination are also gladly handled by Perfect+. We make e.g. various video productions for companies. Because research, script and all pre-editing is done entirely in-house, so before we enter the studio, we are very competitive

We already stated that event makers are first and foremost powerful ideamakers . Looking for originality instead of winning the championship of mediocrity. Unfortunately, too many organizations and initiatives are being watered down or finished in the traditional way, faded, soggy and colourless, without ideas, spirit or inspiration. A good concept is the basis on which enthusiasm can be grafted. An innovative campaign, a new vision, an original project is more than just the salt on the fries. It is the very essence of the market. Standing out! Who innovates, wins and moves forward. And that is what Perfect+ wants to stand for. Outstanding events by standing out.