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Perfect+ Teambuilding abroad

Team building abroad? Perfect+ organizes team building activities for your company down to the last detail at any location of your choice. Our offer is very diverse: an interactive city game, an exciting escape game, culinary walks, foot rallies, bicycle rallies to creative team workshops and so much more.

Perfect+ therefore has a lot of team building programs full of unique concepts that can also be perfectly integrated in cities or regions abroad and tailor-made there.

And furthermore, Perfect+ also developed team building formats in other European cities to follow…

  • Paris. The city of lights that always charms. You can get there in a few hours by car, bus or from Brussels South by train, super fast with the TGV.
  • Lille. Closer to Brussels than Bruges. A French-Flemish city full of sympathetic conviviality that has everything to make it an unforgettable team building day abroad.
  • London. We integrate our formats in the center so that a maximum of sights are also covered. By the way, with the Eurostar you can get there faster than you think.
  • Amsterdam. Not really far away either. This city contains countless surprising possibilities.
  • Sluice and/or Cadzand. Of course nearby and with fun and beach pleasures.


And … very important: it is actually possible  anywhere on request! So 1 day is possible. But even better: make it  a weekend or multi-day company outing . Perfect+ has more than  35 years of experience in foreign tourism.

Our Team Buildings Abroad

More info here here.

  • Bosnia: only possible as a four-day event. Depending on flights. Whitewater kayaking, mountain bike descent on a bobsled track, …
  • Malta: only possible as three or four days. Depending on flights. Also water sports.
  • Lisbon : diverse possibilities, surprising, enchanting and sympathetic.
  • Bilbao: three days, full of culture and culinary delight
  • Iceland: five-day, very varied, explorative programme
  • The Champagne region (Reims): two or three days
  • Normandy/ Brittany : two or three days

Furthermore, Perfect+ is also part of the  EventArchitect Group! The EventArchitect Group gathers worldwide the most unique event agencies and incentive houses in one large global network. So we already have the best first-hand contacts with DMCs and you have a single point of contact for any event, anywhere in the world.

Perfect+ represents Belgium as sole event agency. You can  here find more information.

In addition, we are happy to adapt our existing game and team building programs tailored to your company and your specific concerns and wishes.

We maintain a absolute flexibility in everything, and especially on these points:

  • The location of the activity or start and end place (your choice in consultation with our suggestions…).
  • The group size. In principle there are no limits.
  • The timing: duration and the start and end time of the requested activity.

The irresistible team events of Perfect+ are also:

  • Personalized, yes any team activity. In short, everything in line with your company philosophy, image and objectives.
  • More or less sporty, but we keep in mind that it is always  feasible for heterogeneous groups. So no obstacles for various physical conditions and ages.
  • Fun guarantee, after all, we always sign for a  unforgettable moment or day out.
  • Coronaproof team outing!!! Our team building activities are always carried out in accordance with the current corona measures and were also adjusted accordingly where necessary.


Do not hesitate to contact us quickly . We are happy to provide you with a non-binding quote full of options and suggestions. And again why not let us, with our 28 years of experience and many references, make it a (multi-day?) company outing or weekend with colleagues? With Perfect+ as coordinating director, you sign for a perfect course

A team building activity abroad?

team building abroad doesn’t have to be an obstacle in terms of budget. We use clear and competitive prices for one-day team building activities (although depending on the current transport costs and/or options). And for multi-day events, we work within your budget, propose various options and  everything is negotiable.

But no matter where, Perfect+ is ready to make it a fun teambuilding or multi-day teamcentive (combination of teambuilding and rewarding). We bet it will be a memorable team experience that will be remembered for a long time to come. A ‘souvenir’ that will subsequently translate into a  greater motivation and commitment in the workplace and a pleasantly improved working atmosphere.

Such a teambuilding event of ours, can range from an interactive city game or exciting escape game, to culinary workshops where you can sometimes prepare the tastiest local dishes yourself. and taste.

But surprise, playful aspects and interactivity are always central. A total experience because our range of team event possibilities is quite spacious and very versatile and has proven to be popular with everyone.

In short, take advantage of a day or company outing that you and your team will not soon forget. After all, our strong team events are an absolute added value and the guarantee for a successful company outing or at least a sparkling teambuilding activity. Perfect+ has countless formats, which are always customised, and personalized very flexibly . And we always guarantee  impeccable coordination.

Optimizing and sharpening the team spirit, having fun, nosing in the same direction, that is the key to an ideal team building abroad. That’s what you’re looking for? We already thought so…

You already got it, a swirling teambuilding event from Perfect+ is a true experience for everyone on your team.

Conclusion: the many irresistible teambuilding activities of  Perfect+ are guaranteed to deliver unforgettable moments that your participating team members will definitely talk about for a long time to come.< /p>

So you really don’t have to hesitate any longer. Contact today the event office Perfect+ Event Productions DMC and request a no-obligation quote. 28 years of experience and thousands of references full of customer satisfaction have preceded you. Do it, we would say!

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.