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Perfect+ Incentives abroad

Developing your team is about pushing boundaries together. Sometimes literally. Going abroad together lifts teams to a higher level. Provided that the destination, program and framework match your values and objectives.

Perfect+ creates those impactful and memorable moments abroad. Whether it’s incentives or team building, targeted work visits or refueling energy together: we provide a unique trip and team building tailored to your needs.

Which city reflects your company’s ambition? What daily schedule suits the occasion and the profile of your team members? These are key factors that help us shape the challenge. So that the impact resonates, and helps your team grow.

  • Perfect+ organization: you naturally want to focus on that team building yourself. So leave all the to do’s and reservations that come with it to us.
  • On the spot: teambuildings pay off best when they match the objectives and identity of your team, even abroad. Perfect+ listens to who you are and what you want in order to provide the best possible challenge. And every time again.
  • Sustainable: our services have the ambition to take care of the climate (our ClimateGame is the best proof of that). Climate neutral travel, accommodation and teambuilding is therefore perfectly+ possible.

Eventarchitect Group

Perfect+ is proud to be part of the EventArchitect Group!

The EventArchitect Group gathers the most unique event agencies worldwide in one large network. One point of contact for every event, anywhere in the world. 

Perfect+ represents Belgium as the only event agency. More information can be found here.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.