Thema-avond "Best of Belgium"+


Perfect+ Themed evening "Best of Belgium"

No chips. No mayonnaise.
But beer in all flavours and complexions.

Experience flamboyant Belgium, it’s savoir-faire – au cour, au fond. Where Hercule Poirot and Tintin are never far away.

Between the Atomium and the Belfry you can decide: Waterzooi or Waterloo? And then – a journey through the painters from Memling and Van Eyck via Rubens to Ensor and Delvaux.

What do you know about Belgium?
Stick your neck out and win an “Antwerp diamond”.
In chocolate. Become a primitive Fleming.
Join the dance and rock to Arno and Axelle Red, but in the spirit of Breughel and Brel.
Know it all, from A to Z.

Belgium is Europe’s best-kept secret. This themed evening lifts a few corners of the veil.

Throughout the evening, those taking part will discover various well-known and unknown aspects of Belgium. In an original light-entertainment quiz game per table they will be invited to look for the answers to amusing, bizarre and whimsical questions, with a Belgian prize for the winning table.

Gastronomical evening all about the 8 most famous Belgian painters! Full of fun and facts about Belgium! The Best of Belgium, an evening full of good taste, where culture and gastronomy go hand in hand with fun activities. An extravaganza of culinary delights. The best of Flanders. The best of Brussels. The best of the heart of Europe and above all the best of Belgian gastronomy.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.