Teambuilding in a real Arena+


Perfect+ Teambuilding in a real Arena

What does the KAA Gent Arena look like on the inside? Is the tension to be cut in the dressing rooms of the Lotto Park (RSC Anderlecht)? How does it feel, making your appearance in the players’ tunnel of the Cegeka Arena (KRC Genk)? Or pacing like an accomplished top coach in front of the dugout of the Stade du Pays (Royal Charleroi Sporting Club)? Find out during your next team building at the stadiums of KAA Gent, KRC Genk, RSC Anderlecht or Royal Charleroi Sporting Club. All of them locations that appeal to the imagination, “where teams become TEAMS”

Perfect+ offers some one-of-a-kind teambuilding concepts in these purebred soccer arenas. At the ArenaGame, you will embark on an interactive exploration of the soccer temples. Discover how universal your team is during Squadra Universalis in the different zones of these unique venues. Perform a haka, a Mexican wave or create an impressive tifo in the stands. A concept tailored to your team? That’s also possible, of course.

Moreover, you can combine these experiences with a staff party, meeting or even dinner in one of the multifunctional areas of the 4 arenas, venues where events become victories. Take a look at ttps:// 

Recently, we have also started offering our team-building programs in Knokke, with the Royal Knokke FC stadium as the location and base of operations. There are plenty of options for venues (meetings, family days, barbecue, dinner, party, etc.) and team-building activities:

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.