Murdergame "Operation Save Ghent"+


Perfect+ Detectivegame "Operation Save Ghent"

Unravel the mystery of a great bank robbery. Your team will be confronted with action, mystery, tension and intrigues. 

Ghent the most cosy town of Flandres attracts annually thousands of visitors. Stroll along the Gras- and Korenlei, visit the Castle of the Counts, admire the belfry or visit the Saint-Bavo’s cathedral with the Mystic Lamb. Nothing points to a secret that is meticulously kept secret. A mafia boss puts the police in their shirt during a spectacular diamond robbery.

It’s up to you, the detectives, to take up the glove and prevend by means of an interview, a chase, dark deals, etc. that the diamonds are lost forever and the city of Ghent suffers a huge loss of prestige. Unravel the mystery, retreive the diamonds and SAVE Ghent. 

Suited as teambuilding, incentive or pure for pleasure.

Our Teambuildings in Ghent

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.