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In this new team building program, we will search for the most complementary team by means of several fast-paced team challenges.

Do you take up the challenge? Are you real all-rounders, all-rounders and multitaskers? Can you correctly assess the capabilities of your fellow team members?

Throughout this team building you will be tested on perseverance, skills, insight and of course on your team spirit. The nice variety of tasks will bring out the best in all team members. We appeal to all your skills. From creativity and strength, to dexterity. From intelligence and wisdom to inventiveness. Something for your mind, your body and your … team spirit. 

Squadra Universale stands for captivating and sometimes hilarious team building, always with the emphasis on fun and with Leon Battista Alberti’s saying in mind: ‘a man can do anything if he wants to’.

Not only will you experience an unforgettable team building, but you will also get to know the person behind the colleague in a casual way. This team building will undoubtedly contribute to a better internal functioning and team spirit.

Go for it, together with your team! With Perfect+ you will experience unforgettable moments together.