“I wanted to thank you again on behalf of all ExxonMobil participants in the event in Bruges ... everyone was very enthusiastic about the organisation and the food in the restaurant was very tasty! " (ExxonMobil)

“Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation!! We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I must personally say that I'm very impressed with your organisation’s talents and what you have advised me in terms of location. It was a roaring success.” (Proximus)

“I have received many positive comments so it was definitely a successful afternoon. Thanks again for the good organisation!” (DHL)

“I have from several participants in the team building event yesterday received very positive feedback. Everyone is very excited, they found it very enjoyable and well organised." (Johnson&Johnson)

"Everything went really well and all participants were very satisfied. Thanks to the excellent and again very professional approach of John Verstuyft and his team who have given us an excellent event. Our foreign guests and the little Belgians are impressed with the inhabitants of Bruges. Thank you very much for your great service." (Fujifilm)

“With this I would like to thank you for the perfect organisation and the flexibility to adapt the program to the moment.” (ING Bank)

“We had a very nice time in Bruges especially thanks to your team.  Everyone was satisfied with the tasks and about the organisation.  I want to thank you for your efforts and sympathy and all those who have entertained us excellently.  I will certainly promote Perfect + with our PR service as well as others that until now have only worked with your competitors ". (Ernst & Young)

“With this I want to extend my sincere thanks to you for the wonderful farewell party yesterday! Everything took place as wished, and the entire staff was very satisfied. Thanks again and have a nice weekend. " (Danone)

“Thanks for the pictures and the organisation of our team event! Everyone thought it was super fun and definitely worth repeating! " (Philips)

“I want to thank you again for the excellent cooperation and the excellent result. Everyone was very satisfied with the team building, everything went really well!" (Nike)

"The feedback from all team members was positive! We also found it very nice to work with you. The key of your success is, I believe, the simplicity of the design, without prejudice to the challenge. We have certainly enjoyed it and the interaction and collaboration in my team were at most times better than expected. For a team that meets each other only once a month,  this is not obvious! " (Vodafone)

“I wish to inform you that we got perfect and expert guidance during the activities. This has contributed that it was a wonderful experience. Thanks for the good cooperation, guidance and implementation of our staff party.” (Belgian State Lottery)

"Thanks for the good cooperation and the organisation of the CityGame. For us, this was an important part of our seminar that also has brought about lots of very good criticism from the people. Highly recommended,  as far as we are concerned!" (Bekaert)

“Thanks for the link, and of course also for the nice morning yesterday. The colleagues were wildly enthusiastic about the CityGame. This was a really unique and unforgettable experience." (Delhaize) 

“With this I wanted to thank you again for the nice afternoon. It was well organised and a fun way to see the city differently. Everyone was very excited!” (Roche)

“Thanks! The people were very excited! It was perfect”. (Siemens)

“Thank you very much for a very successful team building in Gent today! Everyone is very satisfied with our outing. We will definitely do our best to promote your organisation within the Commission." (European Commission)

“I just wanted to let you know that the responses in the "Best of Belgium" of last Friday were unanimously enthusiastic; everyone had great fun, the catering was appreciated and the DJ played great music. Thank you very much for the great organisation! " (LU)

“I have received very positive feedback from several participants in the team building event yesterday. Everyone is very excited, they found it very enjoyable and well organised” (Electrabel)

“I wish once again to thank you and your team for the great team building that we have enjoyed. We have very much enjoyed ourselves and the participants were very enthusiastic about the great game, the plot, the ' secret mission ', the interviewing, etc. and of course the ' competitive ' spirit among different teams. We were very satisfied with the overall progress and I shall not fail to recommend your organisation to my colleagues if they are planning a team building somewhere in the countryside.” (Procter & Gamble)

"Another very big thanks for the nice team event.  Everyone was impressed and has hugely amused themselves.  We will certainly remember this in the future. Thanks for the pictures and the fine cooperation. " (Deloitte)

“I would like to thank you all again for the cool and beautiful day we have had. Between all the pressure, I would surely like to do this all over again. Thanks also for the pictures. A beautiful memory. Everyone was so super enthusiastic, the food was also very well organised." (Coca-Cola)

“Nothing but praise about the past event. Therefore, in this way we would like to say thank you to the Perfect + team to once again let everything run ' smoothly '. We received a lot of positive comments about the caterer, also to them ' a very big thank you’.” (Telenet)

“Thanks for the flawless organisation of our team building. Despite the poor weather, we have received plenty of positive comments from colleagues. The combination of your enthusiastic approach (with clear bilingual explanations before and after the game) and the very active program (from photos to ‘to do activity’ to questions) have made sure that everyone has enjoyed themselves." (BNP Paribas Fortis)